Born in Glasgow; living in London.


Museum of Modern Shopping at Romford Shopping Hall.
Super Fusion: Chengdu Biennale 2021, Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu, China.


2018 - 2021: PhD Fine Art, Northumbria University, Newcastle.
2015 - 2017: MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths, London.
2015: Associate Artist, Open School East, London.
2004 - 2008: BA (Hons) Fine Art, The Glasgow School of Art.


Heavy View, solo show, TACO!, London.
A logo stands out against a soiled background, solo commission for Deptford X Festival (nominated by Sarah McCrory), London.
Obsolescent Vibes and Me, solo exhibition at Recent Activity, Birmingham.
Love/Work, w/ Alex Frost, ACME / The Old Fire Station (as part of Art Licks Weekend), London.
4K made me sick, duo exhibition w/ Christopher MacInnes, Arebyte LASER, London.
Zed Mot (w/ Mat Jenner), Generation & Display, London.
Ludicrously Ideal and Beautifully Placed, w/ Amy Boulton, Generator, Dundee. (part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival).
After Life, Finishing Touch, solo exhibition as part of World Interiors w/ Leslie Kulesh and DKUK / ACIDPRAWN for Glasgow International 2016, Savoy Centre, Glasgow.
Finishing Touch, Goldsmiths Gallery, London.
The Capital, Vulpes Vulpes, London.
Co-Pourri, Caustic Coastal, Manchester, w/ Leslie Kulesh.
Conversation of Monuments, Collective, Edinburgh.
Same Homepage, The Project Room, Glasgow.
Processing Progress (collaborative installation with Orsolya Bajusz), Mauve, Vienna.
P.D.A Curtain Showroom (collaborative installation with Orsolya Bajusz), The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow.
Pop Up Povera (collaborative installation with Orsolya Bajusz), MOCA, London.
Rehearsed Reactions, The Briggait, Glasgow.
How to win when you love to lose, The Duchy, Glasgow.


I don't wanna be horny anymore, I wanna be happy. Group exhibition with Adam Centko, Shir Handelsman, Keiken and Park Jaehoon, Out_sight, Seoul.
But is it Art? Group exhibition with Very High Stuff as part of ONVi Festival, Le Dojo, Nice.
Rendering Refusal, exhibition for Transmediale 2021, with Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Bassam Al-Sabah, Bassem Saad, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Eli Cortiñas, Jennifer Mehigan, Larry Achiampong, Madison Bycroft, Natasha Tontey, Patricia Dominguez, Sofia Caesar, Sung Tieu, and Yang Ah Ha, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin.
Modern Shopping, an online group exhibition presented by MoMS and Peak and featuring Dan Mitchell, Debora Delmar, Sara MacKillop, Shanzhai Lyric, MoMS and a selection from the Peak archive, commissioned by Wiener Art Foundation, Vienna. [online]
Anish Kapoor Fan Fiction, online exhibition by Plicnik Space. [online]
GENDERS: Shaping and Breaking the Binary, w/ Nina Wakeford, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Jenna Sutela and Elvia Wilk, Yannis Paloyelis, Danielle Braithwaite-Shirley, Sarah Jury and Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari, Shu Lea Cheang, Phoebe Davies, Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Adham Faramawy, Mary Maggic, Sadé Mica, Gaby Sahhar, Fannie Sosa, Soofiya and Puck Verkade; Science Gallery, London. [closed until further notice].
A Concrete Tunnel with a Brick Floor, with works by John Cobb, Shirazeh Houshiary, Kim Lim, Alison Wilding, Gary Woodley, John Wragg from the Arts Council Collection, curated by Lauren Velvick, The Art House, Wakefield.
Hanging of Traitors in Effigie (Part II), group exhibition curated by MAUVE with Nicholas Hoffman, Titania Seidl and Lukas Thaler, ED. VARIE, New York.
RUN/Hme.WEBBR, group exhibition/event curated by Joe Etchell with Joey Holder and Dane Sutherland, Stephen Kavanagh, Classic Friendship Podcast [ft. Leslie Kulesh, Ursula Wild + Hannah Black] and Jennifer Mehigan and Darius Ou, as part of Annuale Festival, Edinburgh.
LATE STAGE, group exhibition w/ Bob Bicknell-Knight, Erin Mitchell, Pablo Stahl and George Metesky, Galerie Manqué, New York.
Über das Neue: Junge Szenen in Wien, Belvedere 21, Vienna. [in a group exhibition presented by MAUVE, with Titania Seidl and Lukas Thaler.]
Living is a problem because everything dies, group exhibition w/ Ian Breakwell, Ruth Ewan, Dave Hanger, Franziska Lantz, Kate Owens, Mark Titchner, Amikam Toren + Markus Vater, Pi Artworks, London.
What do we do now, now that we are happy?, group exhibition curated by Riet Timmerman, w/ Rosa Doornenbal, Miriam Naeh+Ariel Narunsky and Emily Perry, Chalton Gallery, London.
The Influencing Machine, group exhibition w/ Anna Bromley, Kajsa Dahlberg, Egemen Demirci, Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni, Fokus Grupa, Eva & Franco Mattes, Mimi Onouha & Mother Cyborg, Sascha Pohflepp & Chris Woebken, Tactical Tech, Jane Topping, Sarah Tripp & Clement Valla, nGbK, Berlin. (Dec-Jan)
New Materialities in the Digital Age, group exhibition w/ Bob Bicknell-Knight, Juan Covelli, Jayson Kym Haebich, Steve Gee, Tom Johnson, Bex Massey, Jon Rafman, Anna Sebastian, Lewk Wilmshurst, Harlesdon High Street, London.
We Build Buildings Outside, curated by gh0stspace w/ Alex Frost, Debora Delmar & Luke McCreadie, Galerie Kunstbureau / The Wiener Art Foundation, Vienna.
Error, Arebyte at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.
Scrolling, Scroll, Scrl, group exhibition w/ Baptiste Roca, Yuske Taninaka, Daniela Macé Rossiter, Guilhem Causse, curated by Tristan Deschamps and Flavio Degen, +DEDE, Berlin.
Battery Horizons w/ Marie Aimee, Sonia Bernaciak, Eva Goldwyn-Simpkins, Rosa Johan Uddoh, Dejan Mrjda and Hanna Oram, Hockney Gallery, RCA, London.
Rendered Cities, curated by ANGL Collective with Felicity Hammond and Lawrence Lek, Apexart, New York.
The Hand Refrains, w/ Stefan Fuchs, Carl Mannov + Evelyn Plaschg, Mauve, Vienna.
Artist in residence, Red Mansion Award, Beijing.
Habits of Care, group exhibition curated by Helena Reckitt w/ Lisa Busby, Claire Fontaine, Deborah Ligorio, Paul Maheke, Raju Rage + Amie Siegel, Blackwood Gallery, Toronto.
The Museum Has Abandoned Us, group exhibition curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight / isthisit? w/ Valentin Dommanget, Lara Joy Evans, Patrick Goddard, Fred Le Sueur, Brad Phillips, Tom Railton, Dennis Rudolph, Bob Bicknell-Knight, Molly Soda / Arvida Byström, State of the Art, Berlin.
Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show, Goldsmiths, London.
Fair Booth Trial, w/ Amani Al Thuwaini, Maria Paz Garcia, Anne de Boer, Shao-Jie Lin, Marios Stamatis, curated by Marcel Darienzo, Carousel, London.
Homesick, group exhibition w/ Jack Fisher, Ludovica Gioscia, Jacopo Miliani & Giulio Scalisi, curated by t-space for OuterSpace @ FuturDome, Milan.
A Place For You to Dream, group exhibition curated by ANGL Collective w/ Felicity Hammond, Max Colson & Katy Connor, Republic, London.
Moist Heat (w/ Megan Snowe, Special Tears [Christopher Kirubi & Cassandre Greenberg]), SPACE / The White Building, London.
SkulpturParcours, The Wiener Art Foundation at Parallel 2016 (curated by Amer Ab­bas und Ste­fan Bid­ner), Vienna.
Factually Real Illusions, Cookhouse Gallery at Chelsea College of Art, London.
Polluted&rearranged&garage&virtualized&LOVE&Fighting&repeat&usb& (group show w/ Anne de Boer, Marcel Darienzo, Austin Danson, Robbie Howells, Theo Turpin, Tom Varley + Puck Verkade), HartsLane Gallery, London.
Sorry About Last Night w/ It's All Tropical, The Washington, Sheffield.
AGENDA SALAD, Open School East, London (w/ Mathis Collins, Afshin Dekhordi, Daniel Kelly, Leslie Kulesh, John Lawrence, Kristin Luke, Paul Maheke Ngamaha, Sophie Mallett, Hari Rajaledchumy, Tina Rowe, Shiri Shalmy, Marie Toseland, Michael Whitby).
doremifasolasido, Merz Barn, Cumbria.
Business as Usual, Touring exhibition: Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Leeds; Turf Projects, Croydon; Pyramid Art Center, Warrington.
Welcome to Ecumenopolis, curated by METASITU (w/ Giorgio Boulasidis, Olalla Gomez, Edurne Herrán, Reinis Hofmanis, Zissis Kotionis, METASITU, Edijs Vucens, Oliwia Weronika Twardowska, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos), Metamatic: The Art Foundation, Athens.
Time Pieces, Caustic Costal / Rogue Project Space, Manchester (with Robin Shepherd, Richard Butler, Josh Whitaker, Tom Esam, Perce Jerrom, Jocelyn Mcgregor & Geoff Tibbs, Matt Welch, Seecum Cheung, Phil Coyne, Alfie Strong).
Vulpes Vulpes Open, Vulpes Vulpes, London.
Ribofunk (with Rapidshare, Katie Cercone, Naomi Davies, Thomas Aitchison, Joey Holder and Ilona Sagar), Embassy, Edinburgh.
Situational Aesthetics, AIRspace, Liverpool.
Para/Sites: Locations and Dislocations of Media (exhibition as part of the Neil Postman Graduate Conference, curated by Brian Droitcour, with Taeyoon Choi, Joshua Clayton, Duane Reade, Constant Dullaart, Mitch Patrick, Kate Steciw and Visitor Design), NYU, New York .
Transxpress, Trans-Mongolian Railway, Beijing – Ulaanbatar.
Public Displays of Affection, Public Art exhibition for Glasgow International.
Arrives in Starting, (with Rachel Adams, Nicolas Party and Stephane Devidal, Michael White, Katri Walker, Ian Giles, Fiona Mackay, Eric Schumacher, Carrie Skinner, Amelia Bywater and Alan Stanners), Curated by The Duchy for Glasgow International, The Lighthouse, Glasgow.
P.D.A Curtain Showroom, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow.
Floor Plan, Bei Gao village, Beijing.
Only if, Bei Gao Village, Beijing.
Untitled, Thread Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing.
Premium Red, Red Gate Residency Exhibition, Beijing.
Dalston Underground, The Old Boys Hall, London.
Rhizomatic, Departure Gallery, London.


Plicnick Space Initiative: online exhibition @
Gated Community, a new film commissioned by Collective, Edinburgh, during lockdown #1 in Spring 2020.
Welcome Back to Westfield: with Richard Whitby.
Rust to Rust, an event by The Mycological Twist, with Omsk Social Club and Sanna Helena Berger.
PIXELACHE 2019 in Helsinki.
III Bad Video Art Festival , Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow.
Once you care, you're future: Performance commission for Birth Rites Collection. Premier 9 March 2019 at 'Oxytocin Mothering the World’ event produced by Procreate Project in collaboration with BRC and King’s College London and with the financial support of Art Council England.
Objects for the Street,
Bomb Factory Film Festival Screening, Art Week Exeter, Exeter.
Bomb Factory Film Festival #5, The Bomb Factory, London.
Unit #1, Maintenance #1, performance as part of Rendered Cities, Apexart, New York.
Kunst Film Festival #3, Centrum, Berlin.
Maintenance #2, performance for the opening of Habits of Care, Blackwood Gallery, Toronto.
Guest Host, The Artists Dining Room, Guest Projects, London, 1st June, w/ Adrianna Liedtke.
Real Estate, Screening event w/ Lucy Clout, Holly White, Lawrence Lek, Jack Self, curated by Linsey Young, Tate Britain, London, May 18th.
Exstrange, online project.
Asset Arrest, a series of property viewings for Anti University Now Festival, London.
Cloud Fallen Water, Cosmos Carl, online project.
FB Residency, online.
FILM OPEN, touring screening programme [ Spike Island, Bristol; Eastside Projects, Birmingham; Tramway, Glasgow; Castlefield Gallery, Manchester; S1 Artspace, Sheffield and the ICA, London].
get-up-and-go, performance as part of The Capital, Vulpes Vulpes, London.


Lecture with Alberto Duman for Futures_After at the old Peacocks shop in Catford.
Lecture: ASSET ARREST and the Un-gating of Community, for Galerie Architektury, Brno.
Social Architecture, Place-Making and Redevelopment, East Street Arts, Leeds.
Prospect Us: People, Profits or Prospects discussion panel chaired by Andrea Phillips, with Lydia Hiorns, Julia Heslop, Jill Holder and Mike Jeffries, at BALTIC, Gateshead.
In-conversation with Nora O Murchú for Collective's online programme Collective Observations.
Assembly, a symposium curated by TACO!, w/ A-N, Thamesmead, London.
ASSET ARREST presentation, Questioning the Creative City Conference, Newcastle, with Durham University and the NewBridge Project.
In Need of Education: Practices of learning in art and school<, BxNU Symposium, Baltic, Newcastle.
Here: After, Now Next Panel Discussion w/ Ilona Sagar, Rachel Pimm, Thomas Yeomans and Leah Clements + Borbala Soos, SPACE, London.
Art and the Quasi-Commons, an event by the Corporated Culture for Creative Innovation (CCCI) with Emily Rosamond and Frederique Pissuise, ICA, London.
OpenPROCESS, Artist's talk, SPACE / The White Building, London.
The Spaces We're In, Presentation for NEon Digital Arts Symposium, DCA, Dundee.
Capitalist Artist Scum #2, Open School East, London, event organised with DKUK with presentations by Angus Cameron, Suhail Malik, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, chaired by Helena Reckitt.
Capitalist Artist Scum #1: An evening of presentations at Open School East w/ DKUK, Leslie Kulesh, Alexander James Pollard, Sophie Mallet, Kristin Luke for The Air Inn Venice & Mathis Collins, chaired by Helena Reckitt.
Global Shadow, Local Mist, Collective offsite event, Edinburgh. (with Neil Bickerton, Willim Viney and Angela McClanahan) .
4th Symposium on Comfort Zones in Creative and Curatorial Practice, IKEA, Beijing.
3rd Symposium on Comfort Zones in Creative and Curatorial Practice, IKEA, Manchester.
2nd Symposium on Comfort Zones in Creative and Curatorial Practice, IKEA, Manchester.
1st Symposium on Comfort Zones in Creative and Curatorial Practice, IKEA, Manchester.
Public Displays of Affection (Public art exhibition for Glasgow International), Glasgow.
P.D.A Curtain Showroom, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow.
IF, with Jocelyn Mcgregor, Beijing, China.
Transient Global Amnesia, Screening curated by myself and Orsolya Bajusz, Stour Space, London.


Arts Council Project Funding for Museum of Modern Shopping.
Arts Council England Project Funding for Heavy View.
Elephant Trust Grant.
Artist in residence, The Art House, Wakefield.
Artist in residence with ZK/U Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin, in partnership with the Newbridge Project [Newcastle] and PUrSI Projects [The Politics of Urban Social Innovation].
Red Mansion Residency Award, Beijing.
Gilbert Bayes Trust Grant.
OSE residency, CAST, Cornwall.
Artist in residence, Temporary Art Platform, Meziara, Lebanon.
Creative Scotland Artist's Bursary
Artist in Residence, Studio Voltaire, London.
Artist in Residence, Inside Out Art Museum (IOAM), Beijing.
Research and Development Grant, Creative Scotland.
Artists Grant, The Hope Scott Trust.
Visual Artists Development Grant, Glasgow Life.
Artists Grant, Arts Trust Scotland.
Artist in Residence, Art Channel, Beijing, China.
Artist in Residence, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China.


Transmediale "for refusal", interview in Art Agenda by Orit Gat, 2021.
An interview for Verdure Engraved.
Broadcasting Alienation: Interview with Laura Yuile on ASSET ARREST, with Fabiola Fiocco, 2020:
'Deptford X 2018 festival: embodying artists’ concerns with personal and social histories', by Carrie Foulkes, a-n, September 2018.
A new exhibition asks: Are we living in digitally-rendered cities?, The Architects Newspaper, January 2018.
Ferocity tempered by ice-cold analysis at Goldsmiths MFA, mialondon, 2017.
Review of Zed Mot, The White Pube, 2016.
Good Product, an interview with Brenda Guesnet, Snakesoup Podcast, 2016.
“Artist self-publishers subvert and ignore the publishing rulebook”, feature, It's Nice That, 2016.
Interview, SPACE Art & Technology, 2016.
Glasgow International rules the waves, Adrian Searle, The Guardian, April 2016.
SummerhallTV Selection: Laura Yuile, Central Station, 2015.
Artists out of place in Meziara, Jim Quilty, The Daily Star, Lebanon, 2014.
Artist of the Month: April 2012, Laura Yuile, Ruth Wibur, AxisWeb, 2012.
Laura Yuile @ The Duchy, Andrew Cattenach, The Skinny, 2010.


Guest Lecture for Wimbledon BA Fine Art. (2021)
Visiting tutor, Brighton University (BFA + MFA), Brighton. (2019, 2020)
Visiting tutor, Teesside University (BFA + MFA), Middlesbrough. (2019)
Visiting tutor, Newcastle University (BFA), Newcastle. (2019)
Visiting tutor, Liverpool John Moores University (BFA), Liverpool. (2018)
Visiting tutor, London College of Fashion, UAL (BFA), London. (2018)
Mentor, Polaris and Dawn Educational Consultancy, Beijing. (2018)
Visiting tutor, The Glasgow School of Art (summer school for visiting students from an art school in China), Glasgow. (2012)
Workshop leader, The Unfinished Picture Project, Glasgow. (2012)
Workshop Leader, Thread Gallery, Beijing. (2011)