Exhibition as part of World Interiors [w/ Leslie Kulesh and DKUK / Acid Prawn] for Glasgow International 2016.
The Savoy Centre, Glasgow.
All works 2016.

"Laura Yuile presents an installation in dialogue with globally circulating trends in public sculpture, domestic ornamentation and interior décor that explores conflicting ideas of what we perceive as “generic” and what we acknowledge as “meaningful” as well as the hazy boundaries between public and private; domestic and industrial. Drawing inspiration from retail and showroom display techniques, the decorative form of various objects used in the reinforcement of private property and the demarcation of the “outside” feature alongside congealed sculptures made from Yuile's own stock of home-spun materials - created through various combinations of ingredients such as tobacco, coffee, soap, spices, beans and pulses. Alongside this an audio work will encourage visitors to linger inside the space whilst they listen and take in the congealing layers of material and image that surround them."