Decorative Tree & Chrome Lounger
Works from group exhibition A Place For You To Dream, curated by ANGL Collective.
Gallery at Republic, London.

"If distinguishing the private from the public was a central feature for architecture and design in the industrial age, these borders are now blurring and homes are increasingly designed to mirror computer generated images of hyper-clean buildings and urban spaces. Images of generically luxurious domestic spaces are everywhere around us, printed on the hoardings of construction sites, encouraging us to invest in a sleek, sanitized vision of the future city. These images are there to sell an impossible life of glamorous living that you can dream one day will be yours. Just imagine, going to work everyday in a flexible and high-tech working space, to then come back to your million pound one-bedroom flat in which every detail has been rendered to look like a glossy magazine image. A place for you to dream, and a life exclusively designed.

Set in an office tower in East India Quay currently undergoing redevelopment, ‘A Place For You To Dream’ will present work by four artists who question the dynamics at play at the intersection between digital rendering, marketing aesthetics and the tangible effects of these tendencies on domestic spaces and people’s lives."