Collaborative Installation with Orsolya Bajusz.
The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow, 2012.

For the installation P.D.A Curtain Showroom, we commissioned a number of artists to create an artwork on the back of a pair of curtains. Opening our showroom with a closing down sale, we gave the curtains away for free in return for the customer signing a contract agreeing to have the curtain displayed in a publicly visible window - and closed during gallery hours - for the duration of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. The result was a public art exhibition throughout the city (Public Displays of Affection) and an extension of the Glasgow International art map.

With works by Alan Michael, Alex Dordoy, Caroline Gallacher, Claire Biddles, Conor Kelly, Graham Kelly, Helen de Main, Helen Tubridy, Iain Hetherington, Jack McConville, Katherine MacBride, Michael White, Michelle Hannah, Rallou Panagiotou, Rhianna Turnbull, Sam Derounian, Sophie Mackfall, Tom Varley, & Zoe Williams.


P.D.A Curtain Showroom from Laura Yuile on Vimeo.