Collaborative project with Orsolya Bajusz.
Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, 2012.

Public art exhibition that was a result of installation P.D.A Curtain Showroom. Viewers to the showroom signed up for the chance to get a free curtain/artwork in exchange for agreeing to have the curtain displayed on a publicly visible window - and closed - for the duration of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. The exhibition that resulted from this abstract curatorial process extended the festival's art map and gave people the chance to be involved; while also forcing them to keep their curtains closed during the days of the 2 week festival.

More documentation and information can be found here.

Orsolya Bajusz, Double Layer Meta Curtain.

Alan Michael, Based on a Dream.

Sophie Mackfall, Multi coloured classic curtain with hand sewn patches.

Rhianna Turnbull, Floral curtain.