Solo show at The Project Room, Glasgow, 2013.

"For Same Homepage, Laura Yuile presents a new installation of sculptural and video works that expand her recent investigations into the boundaries between public and private space; the fetishisation of transcience; and the fragmented or saturated self. Yuile is interested in processes by which identities drift in and out of definition; contemplating a state of displacement as an ontological reality and exploring the friction caused by the dichotomy between that which is steady and familiar and that which is unknown, unmeasurable and in constant flux. Questions of transition and transformation are asked; juxtaposing traditional notions of a linear journey with the experience of altered perception, where how we interact with existing space changes, rendering what we thought we knew unfamiliar or inaccessible.

The Restless series comprises a number of shop display mannequins that model a series of sleeping bags Yuile had custom made in China. The sleeping bag - a symbol of warmth, comfort and protection as well as the condition of being constantly mobile, or without home - functions here as both a shelter, guise, and a restriction to the physical body and eyes; suggesting a kind of paradox of location and situation. Material meanderings are punctuated by text; with statements appearing and disappearing from the ruins of the artist's labour. Cushions and mirror lie like manhole covers, suggesting the possibility of accessing another layer – one that sits just out of sight and reach - while at the same time evoking a distorted air of familiar, domestic comfort. A video projection - Everything has to go somewhere – features clips of user-built houses burning down in computer game The Sims, with repetitive subtitles that demonstrate a conflict between the desire to rid oneself of material everyday-ness, and the reality that nothing simply vanishes but must instead undergo a transition from one state, space or time, to another."